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Joshua / 18 / Adelaide, Australia/ INFJ .


  • I love analysing films, books, and video games and I love discussing them with people
  • I have an undying love for the Lord of the Rings, those books taught me to read.
  • Dave Strider and I are one.
  • I play TF2 a lot, I can pretty much only play as Medic.
  • I enjoy hugs
  • I’m engaged to this cutie patootie and theyre super duper wonderful
  • My favourite band is Spoon and I generally like Alternative Rock music.
  • I have taught myself to play the Piano. horrendously.
  • I’m basically a huge loser pls don’t take me seriously.
  • Everything I do sucks.
  • Please love me.

If you could tag your posts containing blood, gore, or any references to self harm that would be greatly appreciated :)

Also, If anyone would like me to tag certain posts for them, don’t hesitate to ask

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
Skype: welcome.to.the.jam
Snapchat: Monotoblerone
Gamertag: Monotoneminor
Steam: monotoneMinor